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Your Life. God's Design.

Bible Study & Prayer

Bible Study and Prayer are at the core of personal vision. Without cultivating an authentic relationship with God, moving towards His vision for your life isn't likely. Discover His plan for your life by spending time with Him regularly in Bible Study and Prayer. The Ministry Journal + Planner offers several tools:

  • Reading Log

  • Literary Style Legend
  • Prayer Model
  • Prayer Targets
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Reading Log

You can't improve what you can't measure. Set goals for daily Bible reading, listening or watching. Then log those chapters studied. 

Bible Study & Prayer_ Reading Log.png

Literary Style Legend

Context is everything. Understand the literary style in which each book was written as you dig deeper into your own personal study.

Bible Study & Prayer_ Literary Style Legend.png

Prayer Model

Many of us have a hard time praying because we simply do not know where to start. Jesus gives us a model to use in these moments. As we follow His example, our prayer life and ability to hear God's voice will get stronger and stronger each day.

Bible Study & Prayer_ Prayer Model.png

Prayer Targets

Zero in on prayer targets and goals for each 13-week period. By having a target, similar to vision, you will move towards that target. Be honest with God about what's on your heart and then boldly approach Him in prayer and supplication. 

Bible Study & Prayer_ Prayer Targets.png