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Daily Plan

Your daily plan is where the "rubber meets the road". The purpose of this practice is to audit and plan each moment of your day, even the times you have nothing planned on purpose. By tracking your daily activity you can see how close to your weekly plan you are coming and make adjustments accordingly. There are several features that include:

  • Daily Schedule

  • Top Three
  • Theme + Date
  • Other Tasks
  • Legend
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Daily Schedule

Track every minute of your day. This section makes it easy to record time in commute or transit. Many times the secret time consumers hide between the hours. With 15-minute increments you can root out these time wasters for a more productive and fulfilling day. 

Daily Plan_ Daily Schedule.png

Top Three

List your top there tasks for the day. These should drive your day. At the end of the day, if nothing but these three things happened, then your day was a success. 

Daily Plan_ Top 3.png

Theme + Date

One of the best ways to get more done each week is to theme each day. This isn't a perfect science but by grouping meetings, tasks by categories and other important activities by day, you can accomplish more. This is also the place to write in the days date. 

Daily Plan_ Theme & Date.png

Other Tasks

This section functions a lot like the top three and is a great place for rolling to do lists. By being able to see two days on one spread, you can also move any unfinished tasks to the next day. 

Daily Plan_ Other Tasks.png


For each tasks you can also use the legend to track action steps taken. Questions, emphasis and follow up are all included in the legend. You can also mark unfinished tasks for completion the next day. 

Daily Plan_ Legend.png