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Notes & Open Loops

Now you have a place to catch everything. One of the major stressors in our life is our inability to catch and keep up with tasks and information as they come at us. Life is messy and you need a net to catch that mess until you can determine a course of action. There are two primary areas this section focuses on:

  • Notes

  • Open Loops
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This is a catch all for important information. You can brainstorm, take notes in meetings or just record your thoughts as you brainstorm an area of your work or life. 

Notes & Open Loops_ Notes.png

Open Loops

After or during taking notes, record actionable items. You can also debrief meeting notes and record any tasks you are assigned to or responsible for. Tasks remain open loops until you close them by integrating them into your weekly or daily plans. 

Notes & Open Loops_ Open Loops.png