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Your Life. God's Design.

Weekly Plan

Take some time at the beginning of each week to sit down and layout every part of your week. You are the boss and architect of your greatest week yet. By thinking about what's coming you position yourself to run your week instead of your week running you. There are 5 things you want to pay close attention to:

  • Calendar

  • Categories + Projects
  • Daily Start & Stop Routines
  • Personal Disciplines
  • Bonus Tracker
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See your entire week from one view. Be sure and capture important appointments or meetings. You are also encouraged to block out time in your calendar for important projects and reoccuring activities. 

Weekly Plan_ Scheduling.png

Categories + PROJECTS

Organize your projects & responsibilities in one place. Divide them into categories and make sure to block time in your schedule to accommodate process in each. 

Weekly Plan_ Categories.png

Daily Start & Stop

How you start and how you stop your day has big implications on your happiness and state of mind. This is also a great place to plan time for the most important activities and relationships. How do you want to start each day? How do you plan on closing out each day and preparing for the next? 

Weekly Plan_ Daily Start & Stop.png

Personal Disciplines

The root word of disciple is "discipline". There can be no ongoing growth without consistency and discipline. Write down these disciplines and be sure to add them to your schedule and/or in your start up and shut down routines.

Weekly Plan_ Personal Disciplines.png

BONUS Tracker

Each of us have things that we want to track and measure progress in. Maybe it's calorie intake, weight or sleep. This area is a great place to measure where you're at in a particular activity. 

Weekly Plan_ Tracker.png