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Your Life. God's Design.

Weekly Review & Journaling

This powerful practice allows you to record and keep track of the high and lows of each day as well as capture and implement any changes to the routines and patterns the following week. By spending a few minutes each day or even an hour at the end of the week giving closure to your week, you can go onto the next week with a renewed sense of energy and vision. 

  • Church Service/ Small Group Notes

  • What's God Saying?
  • Journal
  • Rate Your Week
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Capture church service and small group notes each week. Take notes and remember what He's saying to you and what you're learning alongside your spiritual family at church. 

What's God Saying?

As you review the week and look back, you will see patterns or themes. Oftentimes God uses these patterns and themes to show us something about Him and about ourselves. Reflect and record what He's saying. 


Journaling can be intimidating if you're just getting started. Don't overcomplicate it. Look back at each day and record one high or one low. What was memorable? Did you learn something or did you wish you hadn't done something? From your journal entry, rate your day.  

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Rate Your Week

Reflection is only valuable if it results in a lasting change. By rating and grading your week you'll learn what you want to change or continue doing from that week. Be sure and carry it over to the next week to learn and grow as you go. 

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